Wuhan, China coronavirus quarantine ends for 195 people in California

Wuhan, China coronavirus quarantine ends for 195 people in California



All 195 U.S. citizens who flew from Wuhan to Riverside County, California where they were quarantined and tested for the coronavirus from China at March Air Reserve Base, were released from quarantine Tuesday and cleared to begin traveling to their homes in other parts of the country.

Speaking Tuesday during a news conference at the air base, officials said none of the travelers, who have been isolated since Jan. 29, will need medical follow-ups and all will now be able to continue on with their daily lives.

“We want to make sure you understand there should be no concern of novel coronavirus from these 195 individuals. They’ve been watched more than anyone in the United States at this time,” said Rear Admiral Dr. Nancy Knight, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Global Health Protection. “This is a huge celebration for all of us at March Air Reserve Base.”

Health officials then circulated a photo that showed members of the group throwing their breathing masks into the air — much like graduates tossing their mortarboards aloft at the end of a commencement ceremony.

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Riverside County Public Health Officer Cameron Kaiser addresses questions from the media at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County, Calif., during a news conference Tuesday. All of the 195 U.S. citizens quarantined on base since Jan. 29  have tested negative for the deadly coronavirus. The group arrived at the base on a charted flight from Wuhan, China, the epicienter of the outbreak.

Most of the group left the base Tuesday aboard buses that shuttled them to their respective hotels and airports. Others made arrangements with friends or ride-sharing services to pick them up, while about 20 were expected to remain on base until Wednesday before beginning their trips home.  

Jamie Fouss, who served as a U.S. consulate general in Wuhan — one of the 195 Americans who’d been quarantined on the air base — briefly addressed reporters during Tuesday’s news conference. He described the 14-day quarantine as “much easier and better than imagined.”


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