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It’s not quite time to declare a state of normalcy in baseball, not when the rules annually change on a whim, or rotting franchises compel fans to stay away in droves, or the actual sphere placed into play performs as predictively as a tech stock.

Yet as spring training camps prepare to open and the off-season grinds of established and aspiring stars alike churn toward the 2020 season, the competitive landscape feels far healthier than Februarys of the recent past.

Every meaningful free agent has a home. A handful of teams have pivoted from endless tanking to something resembling competition.

And as USA TODAY Sports releases its projected win totals for 2020, it feels far less like a formality and a bit more like a journey into the unknown.

Oh, you’ll see plenty of the usual favorites atop the divisions. This recipe still consists of heaping spoonfuls of conventional wisdom; this time, though, there’s a few dollops of promise mixed in.

So feel free to bet on the proven ponies, but also to dream a bit on the White Sox or the Reds or the Diamondbacks. With that, a look at 2020 record projections from our six-person panel:


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