Why we’ve had more than 50 million views on our Oscars news

USA TODAY photographer Robert Hanashiro on the red carpet  at the 92nd Academy Awards after the stars have entered the Dolby Theatre.



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Watching the Oscars red carpet, you’d have no idea the celebrities are walking into a shopping mall – in the rain. The show is all about escapism.

And apparently we need it. USA TODAY has had more than 50 million views (so far) of our red carpet photo galleries, backstage stories and brutally honest performance reviews from Sunday’s show.

There was Janelle Monáe in a Ralph Lauren gown covered in more than 168,000 Swarovski crystals. And Elton John in a purple tux with crystals lining his black lapels. And so many capes and trains and royal trains (trains that start as capes), from Brie Larson to Mindy Kaling to Olivia Colman.


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