Why paper maps better than Google Maps, Apple Map, GPS

Why paper maps better than Google Maps, Apple Map, GPS



Even if everything navigation is pointing in the direction of GPS, you’ll never tear some folks away from their paper maps.

In Northern New Jersey, Stephanie Kivett Ohnegian keeps an atlas in her car because “there are places where the GPS signal doesn’t work,” or “the routing is ridiculous.”

Out in Portland, Oregon, Kimberly Davis has paper maps in her earthquake “go bag” – just in case.

And in Newport Beach, California, Christine McCullough has another practical reason for keeping the once-ubiquitous thick, spiral-bound Thomas Guides in her car. As the kids prepare for their driving tests, her edict is “no phones.”

The Map Shop in Charlotte, N.C.

Few folks would dismiss the fact that GPS, for all its imperfections, can be a godsend when we’ve lost our way – assuming it wasn’t GPS that sent us wildly off course in the first place. 

Same goes for Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze. 

And those apps are constantly evolving, too. 

Apple just delivered a redesigned Apple Maps experience with what the company insists is faster and more accurate navigation, and more comprehensive views of roads, buildings, parks, airports, malls and so on. 

Apple unveiled a new Look Around feature that is similar to Google’s Street View, leveraging high-resolution photographs to let you see what major cities look like. 


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