What’s not on TV, including sleeping senators

What's not on TV, including sleeping senators



WASHINGTON – If you’ve turned on your television and caught any of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, you’ve probably gotten a chance to see arguments from House managers and the president’s defense team

The official camera in the Senate has stayed locked on those speaking, leaving everything else happening in the chamber – and outside it – unseen by TV viewers. 

Throughout the trial, senators have dozed off, passed notes, munched on snacks and sometimes laughed or shaken their heads in disapproval. Here’s some of what else you couldn’t see if you’ve watched the trial on TV.  

Trading notes, whispers  

A wide smile spread across South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s face last Tuesday as he read the note passed to him by his deskmate, Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb. The two shared a quiet giggle as they passed messages back and forth, something that has become common at the all-day proceedings.  


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