Westminster Dog Show’s Best in Show is Standard Poodle named Siba

Westminster Dog Show's Best in Show is Standard Poodle named Siba



NEW YORK — Siba the Standard Poodle was named Best in Show at the 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, putting the Standard Poodle into elite company as one of only four breeds with five or more wins in the annual competition.

Siba is the 12th dog from the non-sporting group to win Best in Show and the first since 2018, when Flynn the Bichon Frise took home the honor. This is fifth win overall for the Standard Poodle and the first since 1991.

Bourbon the Whippet was the runner-up.

Non-sporting dogs represent one of seven groups in competition, along with the hound, toy, herding, sporting, working and terrier groups. The remaining finalists were Bourbon (hound), Bono the Havanese (toy), Conrad the Shetland Sheepdog (herding), Daniel the Golden Retriever (sporting), Wilma the Boxer (working) and Vinny the Wire Fox Terrier (terrier).

Despite the breed’s strong track record of success, the win can be viewed as an upset. For one, the Poodle was in competition with breeds, groups and specific dogs with a longer history of success at Westminster and beyond, including Bono, pegged by Dog News Magazine as the top-ranked dog in competition.


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