Trump’s expected acquittal will depress Democrats’ Super Bowl Sunday

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks during her weekly press conference on Jan. 30, 2020.


Anyone wondering why Nancy Pelosi was reluctant for all those months to go ahead with impeachment will see her deepest fears played out this weekend.

With the acquittal of Donald Trump by defiant Senate Republicans expected next Wednesday, downcast Democrats will need the bravest of faces to just get through the next few days.

Politically, the preordained acquittal in many ways is Mueller Report 2.0, evidence without a conviction. The president and his supporters are sure to be crowing.

On Super Bowl Sunday, for example, a triumphant president will sit with Hannity for a Fox interview before a huge TV audience. 

On Monday, the highly anticipated Democratic Iowa caucus will be forced to share media coverage with the new perfunctory closing arguments in the Senate impeachment trial.

Then on Tuesday night, Republicans will no doubt be hooting and hollering from their side of the aisle as Trump delivers his third State of the Union address to an electorate mostly numbed by the recent spectacle. The GOP’s final “yes-he-did-it-but-so-what?” defense — which really has no basis in law or common sense — nonetheless prevailed.


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