Trump impeachment updates: Senators question prosecutors, lawyers

Trump impeachment updates: Senators question prosecutors, lawyers


The Senate impeachment has resumed. Refresh here for live updates.

WASHINGTON – A trio of Republican senators posed the first question in President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, asking how his motives in urging an investigation of a political rival should be weighed in the case.

“If President Trump had more than one motive for his alleged conduct, such as the pursuit of political advantage, rooting out corruption and the promotion of national interests, how should the Senate consider more than one motive in its assessment of Article 1?”

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, posed the question jointly with Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Mitt Romney, R-Utah. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts read it for Trump’s lawyers.

Patrick Philbin, deputy White House counsel, said even if Trump’s only motive was for personal gain, it still wouldn’t merit impeachment because it is “constitutionally defective.” But he also said the case would fail because political figures are always weighing the electoral consequences of their decisions.


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