Trump impeachment updates: Senators question prosecutors, lawyers

Trump impeachment updates: Senators question prosecutors, lawyers


The Senate impeachment has resumed. Refresh here for live updates.

WASHINGTON – Dozens of protesters stood outside a Senate office building Wednesday demanding senators call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

They chanted, “Trump/Pence Out Now,” and held up signs that read, “Full evidence. Full witnesses.”

The trial resumes Wednesday with the first of two eight-hour question-and-answer sessions, during which senators will be able to ask questions of House impeachment managers and Trump’s defense team. A big question looming over the trial is whether Democrats can convince enough senators to allow the introduction of witnesses and documents at the trial.

At one point, swarms of Capitol Police circled the protesters blocking the entrance to the building. An officer warned protesters to move to another location. They left peacefully and regrouped steps from the U.S. Capitol, where they continued to protest.

Norm Karl, 79, who was among the protestors, said it was important for senators to hear their demands to “transform a sham trial into a real trial.”


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