Trump impeachment trial: Closing arguments to begin

When will Senators vote to acquit or convict Trump?


The Senate impeachment trial resumes Monday at 11 a.m. EST. Refresh this page for updates.

WASHINGTON – House impeachment managers and President Donald Trump’s legal team will make their closing arguments Monday as senators prepare to vote on whether to convict or acquit the president on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. 

Those two articles of impeachment were approved by the Democratic-controlled House on Dec. 18 after a two-month inquiry into allegations that Trump held up military aid to pressure Ukraine into announcing investigations for his political benefit – including one involving former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic rival in the 2020 election.

Trump has insisted he did nothing wrong and was acting to combat corruption. His defense team has said the House failed to prove its case, that the abuse of power charge is too subjective and the obstruction of Congress charge robs the president of his right to claim executive privilege in court. Attorney Alan Dershowitz made the argument, which many legal scholars dispute, that even if the allegations were true, they weren’t impeachable because they did not constitute a crime. 


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