These 2020 holidays are Friday, Saturday

These 2020 holidays are Friday, Saturday


Some good news this year: Many beloved holidays will fall on a Friday or Saturday.

Most holidays are better celebrated on the weekend – even federal holidays, such as Christmas, which falls on a Friday this year.

Popular holidays that aren’t federal are often easier to celebrate when they fall on a weekend. Consider Valentine’s Day, when one too many flutes of champagne may mean the difference between post-Valentine’s bliss and calling in sick the next morning because of a gnarly hangover.   

The movement to change Halloween to a Saturday, which it naturally falls on in 2020, has grown in popularity. A petition organized by the Halloween and Costume Association to change Halloween to the last Saturday of October cites the dangers of young trick-or-treaters walking around on a weekday.

Many beloved holidays will take place on a Friday or Saturday in 2020.

According to the nonprofit Safe Kids Worldwide, twice as many kids are killed walking around on Halloween than on any other day of the year. 

When federal holidays, such as Christmas, hit near a weekend, sometimes holiday breaks are extended into a long weekend. 

Here’s a list of 2020 holidays that fall on Friday or Saturday, in chronological order.

  1. Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday.
  2. The Fourth of July falls on a Saturday.
  3. Halloween falls on a Saturday.
  4. Christmas falls on a Friday.
  5. New Year’s Day falls on a Friday. 

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