Tallahassee family cherishes memories of ‘Aunt Harriet’ Tubman

Tallahassee family cherishes memories of 'Aunt Harriet' Tubman



The nation knows Harriet Tubman as a freedom fighter and famed abolitionist whose astounding life story has finally made it to the silver screen. But to the Brickler family in Tallahassee, Florida, she’s “Aunt Harriet.” And they have her pistol to prove it.

“The movie showed exactly what we’d always been told,” A.J. Brickler said, lifting the weapon, a single shot, powder-packed gun with a wooden handle and bits of brass filigree.

Tubman, the woman born into slavery nearly 200 years ago, is synonymous with the Underground Railroad, that covert system that assisted as many as 100,000 enslaved individuals in their flight north in the period before the outbreak of the Civil War.

The movie, “Harriet,” tells the story of the enslaved woman born in Maryland as Araminta Ross. She escaped in Maryland in 1849, then returned the next year to help her relatives flee. Under her free woman’s name of Harriet Tubman,she  would go on to personally shepherd some 70 men, women and children from slavery’s abomination to new lives in Philadelphia, New York and Canada. 


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