Student appears to win $10K with half-court shot, gets $2K instead

Student appears to win $10K with half-court shot, gets $2K instead


The events Wednesday night at McLeod Center weren’t limited to Northern Iowa’s 71-63 win over Illinois State. A halftime promotion, a half-court shot and some controversial time-keeping led to confusion.

Northern Iowa student Dalton Hinsch had to hit a layup, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a halfcourt shot within a certain timeframe — and if he did, he would win $10,000. After completing the first three, Hinsch dashed back to halfcourt and let it fly as the McLeod Center emcee counted down.


The crowd went wild, as did Hinsch, thinking he had won the prize. But moments later, those cheers were followed by boos as a controversial decision was made.

Hinsch didn’t get the half-court shot off in time.

A video of the entire sequence surfaced on Twitter hours later, showing Hinsch completing everything in 27 seconds. Many thought he had been robbed, believing the time restriction to complete the four-shot task was 30 seconds.


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