State Dept. says it will fly more Americans back

State Dept. says it will fly more Americans back


For Americans seeking to leave Wuhan and unable to board Wednesday’s flight to the U.S., Thursday’s announcement by the State Department that it would arrange for more flights came as welcome news.

Now they’d like more details and answers to their questions.

A sense of uncertainty has been hovering over the American expat community living in the central Chinese city at the heart of a coronavirus outbreak that has infected nearly 9,700 and killed 213 in China alone.

The uneasiness was exacerbated for some when a plane with 195 U.S. citizens departed toward California carrying officials from the consulate, their relatives and private citizens, but leaving about 1,000 Americans behind in Wuhan.

Would the U.S. government send more planes to pick up those who wanted to leave? Would their Chinese spouses and children without U.S. citizenship be allowed to join them? How much would the flights cost? Would there be other means to flee the growing outbreak with public transportation suspended as more than 10 cities in Hubei province remain on lockdown?


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