Spending plan to call for cuts to domestic programs

Spending plan to call for cuts to domestic programs



WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump will deliver his latest budget proposal to Congress on Monday, a $4.89 trillion package that calls for increases to military spending and cuts to domestic programs.

The spending plan – the final one of Trump’s first term in office – proposes military spending of $740.5 billion, a 0.3% increase, for a fiscal year that begins in October. Non-defense programs would be cut by 5%, to $590 billion.

The proposal also calls for $4.6 trillion in deficit reduction, $4.4 trillion in spending reductions and a 21% cut to foreign aid, officials said Sunday. The budget would balance in 15 years, said officials who are familiar with the proposed spending plan but aren’t authorized to discuss it publicly. 

Trump’s budget has no chance of winning approval in Congress – Democrats control the U.S. House – but it does reflect his priorities as he pursues re-election in November.


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