Skipping Morning Meal Associated To Lower GCSE Grades

Skipping Morning Meal Associated To Lower GCSE Grades

According to new research in Yorkshire, students who not very often ate breakfast on school days gained lower GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) grades compared to those who often ate breakfast. The scientists from the UL (University of Leeds) for the first time showed a connection between consuming breakfast and GCSE score for secondary school students across the U.K. On analyzing all of a student’s exam results, they discovered that students who rarely ate breakfast gained almost two grades lower in correlation to those who rarely missed their breakfast. The study findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health.

Dr. Katie Adolphus—Chief Researcher from the UL—said, “Our research indicated that secondary school students are at a drawback if they are not eating a morning meal to boost their brains for the beginning of the school day. Allegedly, the U.K. has a budding problem of food shortage, with an estimated half a million kids arriving at school every day too hungry to learn. Earlier, we showed that consuming breakfast has a helpful impact on the cognition development of the child. This research proposed that poor nutrition is linked to poorer results at school.”

On a related note, recently, a study showed that eating breakfast with parents is linked with positive body image in teenagers. Parents expecting to raise youngsters with positive body image can just find useful tools in the kitchen every day. The latest study from the MU (University of Missouri) revealed constantly eating breakfast with family can help in promoting positive body image for kids and teenagers. Virginia Ramseyer Winter—Director of the MU’s Center for Body Image Research and Policy—said, “We know that building healthy behaviors in teenage years like eating breakfast daily and eating family meals can have long-duration effects into adulthood.”

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