Seven candidates on New Hampshire stage make case

Iowa caucus results: Manual recount delays outcome


The seven top Democratic candidates for president were on stage Friday night in New Hampshire for the only debate before the state vote Tuesday.

Here’s how it went.

Klobuchar on Trump: ‘He blames the king of Denmark, who does that?’

Sen. Amy Klobuchar said that she believes the United States’ needs friends in the world.

Her comments came after billionaire Tom Steyer criticized Trump’s strategy of isolating the United States.

Klobuchar said that instead of having allies, “we have a president that literally blames everyone in the world.”

“He blames Barack Obama for everything that goes wrong,” Klobuchar said of Trump. “He blames his federal reserve chair he appointed himself. He blames the king of Denmark, who does that? 

“He blames the prime minister of Canada for, he claims, cutting him out of Home Alone 2, who does that?” she continues. “That’s what Donald Trump does.”

— Rebecca Morin

Candidates team up against Bloomberg — and his money

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wasn’t on stage but the candidates were eager to talk about the billionaire presidential candidate who is spending tens of millions to win the Democratic nomination.

“I don’t think anybody ought to be able to buy their way into a nomination or to be president of the United States,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in a line that drew hearty applause from the audience. “I don’t think a billionaire ought to be able to do it and I don’t think people who suck up to billionaires in order to fund their campaigns ought to do it.”


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