Senate could acquit president Friday

Senate could acquit president Friday


The impeachment trial has resumed. Refresh this page for updates.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s defense team argued Friday during his impeachment trial that the Senate doesn’t need to call more witnesses because the case from House Democrats is defective, but that calling witnesses could permanently damage relations between Congress and the presidency.

“These articles of impeachment on their face are defective,” said Patrick Philbin, deputy White House counsel.

House Democrats have argued that witnesses such as former national security adviser John Bolton are crucial to the case because they could provide first-hand information about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

But Philbin noted that disputes about witnesses are typically settled before trials, not in the midst of them. He argued that no witnesses were necessary because the accusation that Trump abused the power of his office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival was too vague to enforce.


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