Senate could acquit president Friday

Senate could acquit president Friday


WASHINGTON –  For weeks, Republican senators have presented a largely unified front in public: President Donald Trump did nothing wrong regarding Ukraine and he should never have been impeached.

But Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown said he senses something different behind closed doors: many are afraid to say anything critical.

“I’ve spoken to lots of Republicans, as my colleagues have, talking to them about this,” the Ohio lawmaker told reporters at a morning news conference. “We know what they say about this president in private. We know the fear in their eyes about voting against this president,”

Brown said he’s talked to his GOP colleagues about his concerns that acquittal will encourage Trump to become “unhinged,” and that he’ll continue engaging in “reckless” foreign policy and try to steal the 2020 election.

“I ask my colleagues and all they do is shrug,” he said. “They know better.”

At the same news conference, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer called Trump a “vindictive nasty president'” who goes after anyone who opposes him.

– Ledyard King

Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat, speaks to the press on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

GOP Sen. Mike Enzi was only senator not to submit question

Senators just spent 16 grueling hours over two full days posing dozens of questions to Democratic House managers and President Donald Trump’s defense team during the impeachment trial.

Only one senator decided not to submit any: Republican Mike Enzi of Wyoming.

There was no reason to, his spokeswoman Rachel Vliem responded in an email when asked why.


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