Satellite location kicks off early caucusing; Bernie Sanders near sweep

Multiple candidates could win the Democratic caucuses


OTTUMWA, Ia. — The Iowa caucuses have officially begun, with Democrats in southeastern Iowa declaring their preferences and kicking off a day that will help determine the fates of the seven presidential hopefuls who have staked everything on this state.

The Ottumwa satellite precinct caucus — which kicked off at noon at the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 230 union hall — was the first of roughly 1,700 caucus locations in Iowa to meet Monday. 

At those locations across Iowa, the country and the world, Democrats will get the first take on what voters think about the field of presidential contenders. Before the vast majority of the country gets to weigh in, Iowans will already have made their mark. 

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“This is the very first satellite caucus to take place in the United States, which also means that this is the very first — and you all are the very first people — in the country to cast ballots in the presidential election,” Zach Simonson, the chairman of the Wapello County Democratic Party, told attendees. “You’re the first of the first. It’s a phenomenal opportunity that we have to throw the spotlight onto what we’re going to do as Democrats in order to defeat Donald Trump, in order to bring about a progressive agenda and to elect Democrats at all levels.”


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