RuPaul’s monologue channeled what ‘Drag Race’ is all about

RuPaul helps Cecily Strong locate her inner queen and sissy that walk.


RuPaul opened his first hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” much the same way he does on his reality show: out of drag, but in a fabulous, brightly hued suit and bold glasses.

“My name is Ru, which is short for ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and for anyone who’s not familiar with my show, how dare you?” he said by way of introduction. But he was happy to break down the elements of his Emmy-winning reality show in terms the audience could understand (though some viewers might need to google some glossary assistance): “Our girls gag us with their eleganza, death-drop for the children in slay-the-house-down boots. Make sense?”

For those viewers who were surprised to see him out of drag, he assured them, he wasn’t completely out of drag: “I’m wearing my grandmother’s panties.”

RuPaul, who moved to New York in the 1980s, recalled a time when the city was “full of drugs, streetwalkers and seedy nightclubs. But it wasn’t all good.”

RuPaul helps Cecily Strong locate her inner queen and sissy that walk.

In fact, he said he’d planned to regale the audience with tales from his salad days as a drag queen in the East Village but the producers told him, “Oh no, you betta don’t,” using one of his catchphrases. “Here’s an edited version of what they let me say: Yonkers. Corrections officer. House of Pancakes. Feet. You guys can just fill in the blanks.”


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