Residents worry about homes, finances

Residents worry about homes, finances


JACKSON, Miss. — Sacheen Stamps lived for 11 years in her northeast Jackson home and never thought about flooding. She bought insurance when she moved in, and promptly forgot about it. 

It’s all the 43-year-old can think about now. She can’t sleep.

On Sunday afternoon, she stood on her still-dry street and watched the water creep higher. It had already inundated her neighbors only a few dozen feet to the south. Now it filled the gutters of her front yard. 

“I’m very nervous,” said Stamps, a Nissan manager who lives in the one-story brick home on Meadow Oaks Park Drive with her mother and 17-year-old daughter.

For now, the family was staying with a relative nearby, and probably would be for days. They had packed some furniture in a U-Haul, and left other belongings behind, propped up on cinderblocks.

“Things can always be re-obtained,” Stamps said, “but life can’t.”  


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