Prosecutors withdraw from Stone case after DOJ intervenes

Feds want 7 to 9 years for Trump ally


WASHINGTON – The Justice Department backed away from a stiff prison sentence recommended for Roger Stone, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump – an unusual move that follows Trump’s public criticism of the recommendation and overrules the department’s career prosecutors. 

The backtracking was met with swift backlash Tuesday. In a matter of hours, four attorneys who worked on Stone’s case and prepared the sentencing recommendation abruptly quit the prosecution team. Democrats called for an investigation, accusing the Justice Department of political meddling in a criminal prosecution. 

Although a Justice Department official said the about-face was not influenced by Trump, it raised new questions about the politicization of the agency. 

“This is a devastating blow to the department’s reputation in the courts,” said Mary McCord, former chief of the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “The only thing that seems to be causing it is the president, and the notion that the department is going to do the president’s political bidding.”


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