Prosecutors resign after DOJ intervenes on prison sentence

Feds want 7 to 9 years for Trump ally


WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors are expected to back away from a stiff prison sentence recommended for President Donald Trump’s longtime ally, Roger Stone, a Justice Department official said Tuesday, hours after the president condemned the recommendation. 

The unusual move was met with swift backlash, with Democrats calling for an investigation and accusing the Justice Department of allowing political considerations to outweigh the judgment of career prosecutors. By Tuesday afternoon, two prosecutors who worked on Stone’s case and prepared the sentencing recommendation had withdrawn from the case.

In a strongly worded court filing Monday afternoon, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia recommended Stone serve seven to nine years in prison. Attorneys said Stone had committed a “direct and brazen attack on the rule of law” by “consciously, repeatedly, and flagrantly” obstructing a federal investigation by lying to Congress. 

But on Tuesday, hours after the president called the sentence recommendation a “miscarriage of justice” on Twitter, the Justice Department appeared to have intervened. 


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