Prosecution rests after Lauren Young grilled

Prosecution rests after Lauren Young grilled


NEW YORK — The prosecution rested in Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes trial Thursday after the conclusion of questioning of the final accuser, model Lauren Young, who says the ex-movie mogul cornered her in a hotel room bathroom in Beverly Hills in 2013 and masturbated while groping her.

After less than an hour of further questioning, and clarifications and explanations on her part, she left the witness stand.

Prosecutors then called several secondary witnesses and recalled another accuser, Tarale Wulff, for one or two questions. 

“The People rest, judge, thank you,” announced Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi.  

Judge James Burke said Weinstein’s defense team “has a number of witnesses to call and we will hear them over the next three to four days. Maybe more, maybe less.” 

In finishing up questioning of Young that began Wednesday, defense lawyer Damon Cheronis again focused on what the defense views as discrepancies between her testimony on the stand and what she told prosecutors during interviews over the last two years. 


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