president’s defense making closing arguments

2020 candidates to juggle trial and Iowa caucuses


The Senate impeachment trial has resumed. House impeachment managers and President Donald Trump’s defense team have completed their closing arguments. Senators are now allowed to give short speeches. Refresh this page for updates.

WASHINGTON – Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said she “cannot vote to convict” President Donald Trump during a speech on the Senate floor Monday.

“I cannot vote to convict,” she said. “The Constitution provides for impeachment, but does not demand it in all instances.”

Instead, the senator said “we must trust the judgement” of voters when they go to the polls in nine months.

Denouncing the conduct of both parties, Murkowski said Democratic House lawmakers “failed in its proceedings” while casting Trump’s behavior as “shameful and wrong. She has not previously taken a public position on the final impeachment vote on Wednesday, when lawmakers will decide whether to acquit Trump or convict and remove him from office. 


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