president’s defense making closing arguments

Trump impeachment trial: Closing arguments to begin


The Senate impeachment trial has resumed. Refresh this page for updates.

WASHINGTON – White House counsel Pat Cipollone closed the defense of President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial by arguing that he did nothing wrong and the American people should decide who should hold the country’s highest office, rather than have the Senate remove him.

“It is wrong,” Cipollone said of the impeachment. “There is only one answer to that, and the answer is to reject those articles of impeachment, to have confidence in the American people, to have confidence in the result of the upcoming election, to have confidence and respect for the last election and not throw it out.”

Cipollone said the Senate could help end the “era of impeachment,” after three formal inquiries since 1974, by acquitting the president and leaving the decision about whether Trump should remain in office to the wisdom and judgment of voters in November.


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