Police detail how search for missing S.C. girl ended

Police detail how search for missing S.C. girl ended



GREENVILLE, S.C. – Faye Marie Swetlik may have never been far from home. 

When she was found Thursday, she was among the trees near her Cayce, South Carolina house.  

Just steps from where the Cayce Department of Public Safety held some of its first press conferences. Just steps from where the community left plush teddy bears and bundles of red roses and shiny heart-shaped balloons for the six-year-old girl. 

These were Valentine’s Day gifts, but this was a memorial. 

Flowers and balloons piled up at the entrance of Faye Swetlik's neighborhood, Feb. 14, 2020. Faye was a first-grader at Springdale Elementary School, a part of Lexington School District 2.

In the last five days, her story traveled across the country, engaging concerned strangers from California to Texas to Florida, according to the Social Media Insights Lab at the University of South Carolina. 

Through social media, hundreds of millions of people may have seen pictures of the smiling girl with strawberry blonde hair or watched the video that showed her walking off her elementary school bus the day she went missing.


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