Peter sends Kelsey home despite Victoria F. drama

Peter says bye to six women, including Alayah


Bachelor Nation, hometowns are here. And you know what means: Concerned parents, proclamations of love and deeper narrowing of the competition. 

Buckle up, everyone. You might not see this one coming.

We start off with first impression-rose winner Hannah Ann in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hannah Ann’s father, Rick, works in the lumber industry as a forester, and there are two ways to impress him: Good character, and being tough. Ah, yes, traditional masculinity (we’re rolling our eyes). 

The two go ax-throwing, and neither are particularly good at it. Peter manages to nail a bullseye, which foreshadows the successful date to come. No, that’s not a spoiler: What did you think was going to happen?

If you watched last week’s episode, you’ll remember that Hannah Ann wrote a letter to Peter detailing all the things she loved about him. He returns the favor this week and lets her know that he loves how intentional she is, how she gives him butterflies and how she has a name for every dress she’s worn.


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