Olympic taekwondo champ Steven Lopez accused of abuse by sixth woman

Steven Lopez is a two-time Olympic champion in taekwondo.



A sixth woman has come forward to allege that Olympic taekwondo champion Steven Lopez sexually assaulted her, possibly after she was drugged, according to an article published Saturday by The Daily Beast.

Audrey-Ann LeBlanc, a Canadian taekwondo athlete, told The Daily Beast that Lopez raped her as another man attempted to put his penis in her mouth while in a Dallas hotel in May 2010,

LeBlanc said the alleged incident started after she drank a “blueberry-Gatorade-vodka concoction” that Lopez had handed her. She quickly became incapacitated. He then led her to a room where she met two of his friends.

Steven Lopez is a two-time Olympic champion in taekwondo.

“He said something like, ‘It’s okay,’ and began to kiss me and pushed me back onto the bed,” she told The Daily Beast.

LeBlanc is the seventh woman to publicly allege that Steven Lopez, a three-time Olympic medalist, or Jean Lopez, his brother and coach, had sexually assaulted her.

The Lopez brothers have denied the allegations against them in the past. In 2017, when USA TODAY Sports first published the accounts of four women, Steven Lopez, now 41, said, “I’ve never — nothing, nothing at all. Nothing like that. Nothing close to that.”


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