Old Bay hot sauce is now a thing, and here’s where to buy it

Old Bay just launched a hot sauce version of its iconic spice.



Old Bay just launched a hot sauce version of its iconic spice.

Old Bay seasoning is taking on a new form ahead of the Super Bowl, and it sold out the day it launched.

McCormick announced a hot sauce version of the spice mixture on Wednesday, describing it as having the traditional flavor of Old Bay with a kick of heat. The brand said the liquid version of its spice blend is poised to “warm-up comfort foods, like chilis, soups and stews.” 

It also said people can add a splash to chicken wings, nachos and dips ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday where the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

“A dash also adds just the right spice to Bloody Marys and other cocktails,” according to McCormick’s website, where the product was sold for $3.49.

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The company says its good to sprinkle on hot wings.

“Old Bay Seasoning and hot sauce go together like… well, Old Bay and everything,” said Jill Pratt, a representative from Old Bay in a statement. The seasoning was trending on Twitter late last year after it was revealed that some people sprinkle it on grits. 


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