‘Nanny McPhee’ actor, climate activist Raphael Coleman dead at 25

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Raphael Coleman, a former child actor who appeared in 2005’s “Nanny McPhee” and dedicated his adult life to climate change activism, has died at age 25.

According to a lengthy verified Facebook post from Carsten Jensen, Coleman’s stepfather and a Danish author and columnist, Coleman died Friday after collapsing from previous health issues “in the middle of a trip and could not be restored.” 

Coleman’s first and most notable acting role was playing Eric, the red-headed smarty-pants child – one of seven of Colin Firth’s character’s children – in Emma Thompson’s “Nanny McPhee.” He was 11 at the time of the film’s release.

The rest of his acting credits include starring in the horror film “It’s Alive,” sci-fi/thriller “The Fourth Kind” and short film “Edward’s Turmoil,” all released in 2009. 

Raphael Coleman in a scene from the motion picture Nanny McPhee.

“As a child, he was old-wise, extremely literate and loved to lecture adults with his always astonishing knowledge,” Jensen wrote, describing his “Nanny McPhee” role as one in which he “played himself with great talent, a little redhead boy who was always mixing explosive chemical ingredients. He had several roles, was rewarded and could have chosen a career as an actor. But he wanted to be a scientist, not to blow up something, as his figure in ‘Nanny Mcphee,’ but to save the planet.”


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