Naked pictures were meant to ‘shame’ him

Jessica Mann returns after shocking testimony


NEW YORK – Harvey Weinstein’s defense team began its closing arguments Thursday, summing up the sex-crimes case against the former movie mogul as unproven and urging jurors to “use your New York common sense” to find him not guilty

Defense attorney Donna Rotunno delivered Weinstein’s closing statement of the case, telling jurors that Weinstein’s “fate now lies in your hands.” She said Manhattan prosecutors failed to meet their burden of proving Weinstein committed five sex crimes. 

“The district attorneys have failed to make their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and on behalf of Mr. Weinstein, we are imploring you to tell them that by (ruling) not guilty,” Rotunno said. 

She reminded jurors that they promised when they were selected to make the “right” decision even if it isn’t the most popular, alluding to the public demonstrations and statements issued by accusers and activists against Weinstein outside the courthouse before and during the trial. 


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