Mitt Romney braces for ‘abuse’ for vote to convict

Mitt Romney votes to remove President Trump


WASHINGTON –  Sen. Mitt Romney sat with his hands clasped in his lap Wednesday as Republican colleagues to his left and right stood up and declared President Donald Trump “not guilty” on two articles of impeachment.

One of the last to enter the Senate chamber before the historic vote, Romney had, less than three hours before announced he would be the only member of the president’s party not to acquit him on both charges. Trump, the senator concluded, had committed an act so extreme and egregious it could not be ignored.

Wearing a navy blue suit with an American flag pin, Romney had not been greeted by his colleagues and did not boast a smile as the voting began.

When the trial ended, the Utah senator was the first to depart.

Impeachment vote:‘Appalling abuse’: Sen. Mitt Romney votes to convict President Trump on abuse of power charge

Romney hadn’t gamed out how to navigate what would come next.

After he’d announced his decision, Romney’s chief of staff told him it was time to shift to the second part of the plan – dealing with the backlash.

“Oh? What’s that?” Romney asked.

“We don’t have one,” the aide responded, according to Romney.


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