Michael Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ad talks gun violence, not Donald Trump

Michael Bloomberg's Super Bowl ad talks gun violence, not Donald Trump



The Michael Bloomberg campaign announced Thursday that it will focus on “the crisis of gun violence” in its 60-second ad during Super Bowl LIV.

The ad, which the campaign said will air just after the Super Bowl halftime show, will tell the story of Calandrian Simpson Kemp, whose son George was shot and killed in Texas in 2013.

According to historical data from USA TODAY’s Ad Meter, it will be one of the first campaign ads to air nationally during the Super Bowl since at least 1989, when Ad Meter first started tracking Super Bowl commercials.

“Calandrian’s story is a powerful reminder of the urgency of this issue and the failure of Washington to address it,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “People will be rooting for different teams in the Super Bowl, but virtually all Americans — including people in both parties and a majority of gun owners — support universal background checks and other common sense gun laws.”


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