Michael Bloomberg focuses on Donald Trump in his return to Nashville

Michael Bloomberg focuses on Donald Trump in his return to Nashville



NASHVILLE—With less than three weeks until Tennessee’s presidential primary, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg returned to Nashville Wednesday, seeking to energize locals to reaffirm his big gamble for Super Tuesday states. 

Presenting himself as a unifying, coalition building, self-made businessman, Bloomberg once again argued he was an alternative option to the field of Democratic candidates seeking their party’s nomination.

“My fellow Democrats in this race are all good people,” he said, vowing to support whoever wins the party’s nomination. “This election is just too important for our party to see the kind of divisions we saw in 2016.”

Throughout his roughly 12-minute speech, Bloomberg peppered in several local references, including mentioning Goo Goo Clusters and hot chicken, while making his pitch to an audience of an estimated 1,100 people. 

The crowd featured several prominent former and current elected Tennessee officials, including Metro Vice Mayor Jim Shulman, Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry, state Democratic Party chair Mary Mancini, Reps. London Lamar and Antonio Parkinson, and former House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh and former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean. 

Fitzhugh and Dean, who ran against one another in the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial primary, stood feet apart as Bloomberg spoke.

Bloomberg’s latest visit, which was coupled with a stop in Chattanooga earlier in the day, came one day after the New Hampshire primary and two days after the release of an audio clip featuring controversial remarks he made in 2015 about his controversial stop and frisk policy.


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