Marriott, InterContinental allowed sex trafficking in hotels

Marriott, InterContinental allowed sex trafficking in hotels


A Michigan woman, who says she was a victim of sex trafficking and abuse for years at metro Detroit hotels, is going after two of the world’s largest hotel companies — Marriott and InterContinental — for failing to stop it.

Instead, the lawsuit alleges, the companies turned a blind eye to turn a profit. The case filed in the U.S. District Court in Detroit last month adds to a growing number of lawsuits against hotel operators and chains, asking the hospitality industry to help police end human trafficking, reports the Detroit Free Press, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network.

“It’s part of an effort around the country to hold the hotel industry accountable for what they do — or what they should have known and didn’t do — to prevent sex trafficking in their hotels,” Tiffany Ellis, the attorney who filed the Detroit case, said Wednesday. “Obviously, the story we tell in the complaint is compelling and tragic and awful, but we believe it’s part of a larger picture of what’s happening in Michigan and around the country and world.”


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