Majority say yes to woman president, want to beat Trump

Amy Klobuchar climbs in poll, could make it 5-way race


Though a majority of Americans say the USA is ready to elect a female president, that number has dropped over the past six months, a national USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll shows – a sobering finding for Democratic presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar as the nominating season officially kicks off Monday in Iowa.

Seventy-one percent say they personally would be comfortable with a female president, but just 33% say their neighbors would be – a telling and perhaps more candid measure, and one that had dipped by 4 points since the poll in August.

Warren has tackled head-on suggestions that she’s not electable.

“This can’t be a hidden question,” the Massachusetts senator said during a campaign swing in Iowa Sunday, noting that she is the only contender in the race who has defeated an incumbent Republican in the past 30 years. “I’m glad to talk about it right up front. Because, you know, women win.”


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