Kansas City Chiefs’ Chris Jones ‘fixing to get drunk’ after Super Bowl

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MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – In case you’d forgotten that the New England Patriots weren’t in Super Bowl LIV, all you had to do was listen to Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowler Chris Jones cut loose after his team won its first championship in a half-century.

“I’m gonna hit some tequila, I’m gonna hit some everything, because we’re about to go crazy, man. This is a night that we’re not gonna forget,” the exuberant defensive tackle said following his team’s 31-20 comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night. “I’m not even going to sleep tonight.

“I’m fixing to get drunk. I’m fixing to get out of my body, excuse me for the kids that are watching. … But you do something like this, you deserve to celebrate. I’m gonna get champagne, throw it on everybody. Everybody’s going crazy. Excuse me for the wives and girlfriends that are gonna have champagne in their hair. I’m sorry, but they’re just part of the celebration. That’s how Sack Nation does it.”


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