Jevan Snead, ex-Ole Miss QB, fought symptoms of dementia before death

Jevan Snead, ex-Ole Miss QB, fought symptoms of dementia before death


On a muggy April evening, Corey Kenyon sat on his back porch with his high school football buddy Jevan Snead, cooking steaks on the grill, listening to the buzzing cicadas and reminiscing about their glory days on the field. It was one of their usual trips down memory lane.

For 15 years, even as Snead’s football career took him to the heady heights of NCAA stardom and the crushing lows of NFL flops, the Stephenville (Texas) High School stars had remained close.

But as they reminisced that night, Kenyon recalled, something was amiss with his friend. As he recounted the smacking of helmets, the pileups of pads and the thunderous applause of fans watching their stunning plays, Snead sat expressionless.

“He just kind of laughed, like a weird, stressed-out kind of laugh, and said, ‘I don’t remember any of that kind of stuff,’” said Kenyon, now a middle school assistant football coach. “It was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I would say, ‘That was one of our best games. You did this and this and this.’”

Kenyon brought up the 2010 Cotton Bowl. As quarterback for the University of Mississippi, Snead came back from a skull-jarring helmet-to-helmet collision that left him dazed on the turf and led his team to a 21-7 victory over Oklahoma State. The game was a highlight of Snead’s career.

“He was just like, ‘I don’t remember it,’” Kenyon said.

Former Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead collapsed on the field after a helmet-to-helmet hit at the 2010 Cotton Bowl.

The words were worrisome. Football had been his friend’s life. He spent most of his childhood, teen and college years on a path to football stardom, devoted to a sport that had made him a top national recruit and had given him a ticket out of small-town Texas. He was a two-time all-state performer at Stephenville before landing at the University of Texas.


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