Impeachment meltdown has helped Donald Trump and hurt Democrats

Trump impeachment trial: Closing arguments to begin


DES MOINES, Iowa — For a long time, I didn’t understand this recurring image in my twitter feed — Sesame Street’s Elmo, a panicked look on his face and arms raised above his head while standing in front of a wall of flames. I guess because Elmo doesn’t have eyelids he necessarily looks panicked all the time, but the inferno definitely adds to the vibe.

But now I get it.

When it became clear last week that Senate Republicans had heard enough and there would be no further witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump (further, because, despite what you heard, there were 18 witnesses and nearly 30,000 documents presented by the House managers), the panic among the Trump-obsessed began to manifest itself on social media, cable television and the floor of the U.S. Senate.

It was not pretty.

Trump is now functionally a king! The 2020 election is already stolen! Every future president will invite other countries to rig our elections! If John Bolton (who, amusingly, was one of the biggest boogeymen to the American left until he became their new hood ornament) isn’t allowed to testify, then the Constitution is meaningless! Trump and his lawyers are like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini!

And so on and so forth.

Yet another Democratic meltdown

Adult humans, many paid to help us find deeper meaning in our politics, morphed before our eyes into Inferno Elmo, arms up and ready to burn.


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