Illinois suburb sells out face masks; residents calm

Illinois suburb sells out face masks; residents calm


HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. – Protective face masks have been sold out for days in this northwest Chicago suburb, where two patients were being treated for coronavirus.

Health officials on Thursday announced the first U.S. case of person-to-person spread of coronavirus and the second case in Illinois – the husband of a Chicago woman who developed symptoms after visiting China.

On Friday, the Donald Trump administration declared the coronavirus outbreak to be a public health emergency in the U.S., setting quarantines on Americans who have recently been to certain parts of China.

And it’s not just people who are wearing face masks. Some dog owners, undeterred by the World Health Organization’s proclamation that pets are highly unlikely to get coronavirus, are neverthless stocking up on anti-bacterial muzzles for their pets

Many residents around Chicago, however, say they aren’t alarmed by their proximity to the virus.


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