How Chris Paul’s vision helped deliver thriller

Biggest winners and losers from thrilling finish


CHICAGO – Chris Paul had a vision.

After watching dull All-Star Games in 2016 and 2017 in which the West almost topped 200 points in a game, he had enough of lifeless games that turned off fans.

So the day after the 2017 game in New Orleans, Paul called NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and initiated a discussion: what could the league and players do to improve the All-Star Game and make it more competitive, more entertaining and more watchable?

The first change scrapped conference vs. conference for a playground-style pick ’em in which the top vote-getter from each conference served as captains and picked their teams. That led to incremental improvement.

For this season, the NBA introduced a new scoring system in which the teams played an untimed fourth quarter to a targeted number of points – simply taking the total points for the team ahead after three quarters and adding 24 points in a tribute to Kobe Bryant. For this game, Team Giannis led Team LeBron 133-124 so the first team to 157 won.


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