Highlights from Trump defense team’s arguments

Highlights from Trump defense team's arguments



WASHINGTON — The lawyers representing President Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial closed out opening arguments the way they started: short and sweet.

For less than two hours, the legal team summarized its case against the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress articles of impeachment. They said the articles fail constitutionally, and that Trump did not delay aid to Ukraine in an attempt to pressure the country into investigating Trump’s rivals; rather, he was concerned with corruption in that country and burden sharing among other countries.

The defense team’s arguments closed out this portion of the Senate trial. Senators will have 16 hours for written questions that will be read by the chief justice, slated to begin Wednesday.

Here’s what happened Tuesday:

‘Danger, danger, danger. That’s politics.’

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow asked senators to put themselves in the shoes of the president, who he said has been “under investigation” since before he was in office, and warned that removing Trump office under what he said was a low standard for impeachment would set a dangerous precedent for future presidents. He put the focus on the politics of the impeachment, and said he would not rehash the evidence put forth by the defense team on Monday.


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