Harvey Weinstein accuser thought ‘God blessing me by meeting him’

Harvey Weinstein trial ex-boyfriend accuser upset after meeting mogul



NEW YORK — The Harvey Weinstein sex crimes trial continued Friday with a crucial witness – a woman whose rape accusation is a central part of the charges against him. 

Former actress Jessica Mann, 34, took the stand in a Manhattan courthouse to testify against the fallen movie mogul, who she says raped her in a New York hotel room in 2013.

In opening statements prosecutors said Weinstein assaulted Mann multiple times in 2013, including in Los Angeles, but he is charged in connection with one encounter at a hotel in New York.

Mann began her testimony by describing encounters she says she had with Weinstein in Los Angeles County. Mann spoke softly, seemed to be shaking with nerves at times, and sometimes paused before answering questions. She said she grew up devoutly religious in a small, rural town in Wisconsin and moved to Los Angeles when she was 25.  


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