Get over Iowa and impeachment, time to beat Trump and rescue democracy

President Donald Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington on Feb. 6, 2020.


As a former party official, field organizer and campaign manager, I’ve got one message for my fellow Democrats: Snap out of it!

Democrats right now need a lot more than a pep talk or a wake-up call. We need a cold slap and a loud voice in our face, reminding us to pull it together.

The 2020 election isn’t just part of some decades-long “Game of Thrones” back and forth between two competing parties. In their panic to stem the demographic tide that threatens to overwhelm their ability to compete in fair and free elections, Republicans have embraced an ethos and a leader that flagrantly flaunt the very idea of fair and free elections.

This election is different: The rule of law is on the line. Democracy is at stake.

The Founders put several tools in place to guard against a descent into despotism. The Electoral College was designed to prevent a clever and shameless charlatan from tricking enough of the electorate to win the presidency. Well, in 2016 the Electoral College only exacerbated the problem.


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