Ford Will Pass On A Battle With Tesla’s Cybertruck

Ford Will Pass On A Battle With Tesla

Elon Musk is not about to get a public fight between the Ford F-150 and Tesla’s Cybertruck—not legitimately, anyway. While VP Sundeep Madra (the venture incubator of Ford) recommended that he would like a face-to-face test of the two vehicles, a spokesperson claimed to the media that the tweet by the exec was only a lighthearted remark highlighting out the “irrationality” of a video displaying the Cybertruck winning a battle with the F-150. Efficiently, Ford felt it had nothing to demonstrate. “We have always aimed on serving our truck users irrespective of what other claim or do,” the spokesperson claimed to the media.

Ford claimed that it was going to have electric trucks anyways, comprising a fully electric F-150 in “coming years” and a hybrid F-150 by next year.

There may not be an obvious winner if there is an official duel. As per Neil deGrasse Tyson (the astrophysicist), the Cybertruck won pre-recorded battle by Tesla due to its intrinsically heavy design made the most of the vehicle’s high torque. The F-150, in the meantime, had comparatively little weight over its back wheel drive system and hence did not have the traction required to retaliate. Completely loading both might still favor the Cybertruck, but there can be cases where Ford’s vehicle appeared to be victorious.

On a related note, the app-located car subscription platform that joins hand with Uber, Fair, earlier decided to purchase a similar platform by Ford. The Santa Monica-located firm previously declared that it has brought Ford’s Canvas for an anonymous sum. Since few years, Canvas provided variable-term leases in San Francisco for Ford owners, ultimately extending to Dallas and Los Angeles. A sum of 3,800 users employed Canvas to purchase new Ford cars. Fair will purchase all assets of Canvas and almost 100 of its workers.

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