Five things we learned from first game

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WASHINGTON — Oliver Luck ascended the steps that lead to the locker rooms at Audi Field more than two hours before the XFL kicked off its inaugural season Saturday wearing a blue tie and a smile. 

Nearly two years of work had gone into relaunching a once-failed professional football league, so no one would blame the XFL commissioner for being a little anxious on the day the DC Defenders defeated the Seattle Dragons 31-19. 

Instead, the silver-haired Luck had a zen to him: his work was done. It was up to the product on the field now to convince football fans across the country that another football league is worth investing time into. 

And after one game, albeit imperfect, it appears Luck, founder Vince McMahon and the rest of their partners achieved that goal. Here are five things we learned from the XFL’s opening game:

Innovation over gimmicks

The most famous aspect of the XFL’s first iteration was “He Hate Me.” But such gimmicks are not going to cut it in this XFL, and that’s a good thing. 


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