Fiasco may push system to extinction

Fiasco may push system to extinction


The caucus system, a staple of the American political process for more than two centuries despite its diminishing role, may have taken a fatal blow Monday with the epic fail in Iowa.

Widespread technical glitches prompted a struggle to reconcile conflicting numbers from across nearly 1,700 precincts statewide. Results were delayed until Tuesday amid howls of protest.

“The Iowa fiasco will certainly invite extra scrutiny about the caucus process,” said Nathan Gonzalez, editor and publisher of Inside Elections. “The system was already in danger, and this certainly doesn’t help its longevity.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign cited “considerable flaws” in Iowa’s efforts and demanded answers from the state Democratic Party. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign reiterated its call for a review of the caucus system, calling the process “a broken way” to select candidates.

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, expressed similar sentiments on Twitter.


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