Feeling ‘fantastic,’ last MRI good

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Olivia Newton-John has some exciting health updates to share.

In a Thursday appearance on the Australian talk show, “The Project,” the Grammy-award winner said her health was “fantastic.”

‘I’m doing really well,” Newton-John said to the audience. “Thank you for your love and support, I really appreciate it.”

Newton-John, 71, is battling cancer for the third time. In 1992, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a car accident in 2013, doctors found cancer in her shoulder. In 2018, the “Physical” songstress revealed her stage 4 breast cancer had spread to her back with a tumor at the base of her spine.

When asked if her cancer was stage 4, Newton-John replied: “It was,” before noting she believes she no longer has stage 4 cancer.

“I believe your belief system is part of the healing… at my last MRI, which is an exam where they look inside, things are shrinking, going away, staying the same and I’m living well with it and I’m feeling great,” she said.


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